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         Over the past decade, Ding follow the trend forward in the struggle to grow in the exploration, tempered and growth, has gradually formed with their own development of cultural ideas and these ideas were summarized, refining and sublimation.

          In the era of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, bound to the emergence of a number of outstanding enterprises, which is entrusted with the Chinese people better looking forward to the rise of our country, bear the major responsibility to promote the rapid development of the Chinese economy.

          Determined to become excellent leader and leader of industries, is a concrete manifestation of our mission to fulfill "Industrial and prosperous, industry serve the country", Ding also a citizen of this enterprise from the community, and ultimately serve the society consciously positioning. Our goal is great, worth Ding adult career on the stage, a lifetime to practice. Process of achieving goals is difficult, it will take extraordinary efforts and wisdom, as well as intimate with. Ding development and achievements of today thanks to the efforts and support of many people. In every step forward, we are deeply feel the loving care of the government, the new and old customers for their support and hard work of the staff. We always adhere to the common development with customers and partners to develop, together with the staff development, but also to develop with the times!

          We need firm, passion, courage to go on, I firmly believe that all tripod adults will continue to work with full enthusiasm, innovative spirit, solidarity, courageously fighting for the tripod to the future success of a dedicated force.

          Again to Ding development to give care and support all friends my heartfelt thanks and sincere blessing!